A kangaroo rat can last longer without water than a camel can

A rat can last longer without water than a camel can

A camel would be one of these animals but no. A camel can only last up to 15 days without water. A Graffe can go up to two months without water. The other animal is the Kangaroo Rat that lives in Death Valley. A Kangaroo Rat can go it’s entire life of 3 – 5 years without taking a single sip of water.

That would depend upon how you define the term “last without water”. Many carnivores get most of their water from their prey. There are also desert mice, I’ve forgotten which variety, that get all their moisture requirements from the plants they eat. Therefore, they *could* go forever without water, more or less, but they don’t unless they have to. Also, there are desert snails that can go into an estivation state (like hibernation) when they get dried out, then wake up when water becomes available. That would be “lasting” a whole lot longer than any mammal could manage.

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