We look 5x more beautiful according to our Brain

Our brain makes us see ourselves 5x more beautiful than we really are.

This “random fact” has been going on for a few days and no one seems to know it’s source or if it’s supported by any reliable research. If the research does exist I’d be much interested in checking what’s the criteria to measure beauty.

For some people, their view of themselves is exaggerated to an excessive degree – they either think of themselves as disproportionately stunning, or they think they’re disproportionately ugly. It’s true that most of us, to some extent, perceive ourselves somewhat unobjectively. Maybe we focus on our nose or our ears or something we love/hate about ourselves and put emphasis on those features more than is necessary or accurate. It’s not really the brain making us do this per say, but perception is a really complicated thing that results from a variety of factors and of course the brain is involved.

Get to know yourself properly, and instead of comparing yourself to others all the time, focus on building yourself up. Maximise your looks in a way that is true to your natural features and your natural beauty, and you will probably find that with an objective and clear dose of self-love you will perceive yourself to be more and more attractive as time goes on.

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